Whispering Pond Farm

Whispering Pond Farm

Monday, February 20, 2012

First Lambs

The first of the lambs arrived today at 4:45am. Lucy, one of the older ewes, did a fine job. She is a good mother. It was cold this morning, in the 20's. Bob and I rubbed them off and used a hair dryer to get them warm. Paul Shetterly told us about using the hair dryer. It worked really well after it popped a circuit in the barn and we switched the dryer to a different outlet. Lucy has plenty of milk and the babies nursed right away. I did milk her a little and gave it to the lambs. I called friends Jane and Jim Bosserd because I had a supplement from last year and wondered if I could give the new lambs the old supplement. Jane and Jim raised sheep for many years and have been a great source of information and support. Their answer to my question was to call Pipestone Vet in Minnesota. I did and I can give the supplement, just increase the dose slightly. So back to the barn with some great smelling Lamb Strength. The lambs did't mind it at all. Lucy has been very patient with me allowing me to place the babies on her udder. The other ewes got to go outside under the overhang on the barn. The sun is shining today so it may even be warmer outside than in the barn. I tested a rabbit recipe last night and it worked well. Rabbit is very versatile and can be used instead of chicken or fish in almost any recipe. I braised the rabbit and then placed it in a cast iron skillet along with canned tomato, garlic, onion, and basil from the garden. Before placing the rabbit in the skillet you sauté fresh onion and garlic in olive oil, then add 1/3 cup white wine. Let in simmer for several minutes. Complete the dish by adding capers and kalamata olives. Combine everything in the skillet and simmer until the rabbit is cooked, about 20 to 30 minutes. I used what was left from last night to make soup today, in-between trips to the barn. The menu for the wedding continues to evolve. Thus far we've talked about cherry tomato, basil, and mozzarella skewers; ginger sesame lamb skewers; butternut squash shooters; and for appetizers. Beet, goat cheese, nut, and mixed greens as the salad. Dinner would include roasted rosemary chicken, rabbit or lamb tomato liver noise (from last night); roasted leg of lamb; and goat cheese ravioli with a tomato chutney. Dessert involves cake, blueberry and cherry pies, pumpkin bars, and goats milk ice cream. Lettuce wraps and quesadillas will be served at the after party in the barn. Well, time to go back to the barn. Live well, Carmen

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