Whispering Pond Farm

Whispering Pond Farm

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 26, 2012 Kelvin Anderson came yesterday to talk with me about the care of the barn and animals for next week. We'll be in The Florida Keys for a week. Kelvin's family lives just around the corner from me on a farm. It's nice leaving the care of my barn and animals to someone who has an understanding and knowledge of their needs. Paul Shetterly came today to look at Janice. She is one of the two 2 year old ewes I purchased from him as a weanling lamb. She and Lulu, the other 2 year old ewe, are bred this year for the first time. Janice has been lame on her left front leg for several weeks. We kept her inside for a week, treated her for thrush, and she still is sore on that hoof. It's not swollen or sore to touch which leads me to believe the problem may be higher in her leg. Paul gave her a shot of LA-200, an antibiotic, today. Hopefully that will help her until we get back. Talk with you in a week. Live week, Carmen

Monday, January 23, 2012

Today the weather was miserable. Thunderstorms during the night melted most of the snow. I was able to get through the remaining snow and empty the manure spreader and clean the barn. The animals are well. We are waiting the arrival of the lambs and kids in early March. The wedding menu continues to be tweaked. Hopefully the garlic survives the wet weather. Live well, Carmen

Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20

I want to provide a little history regarding my small farm. I was told once that I was gardener and not a farmer because I water my garden. I'd like to think I'm a little of both. Bob, my friend, and I, manage a slightly less than five acre area of land just outside Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our interests include a large vegetable and herb garden, a small flock of chickens, several ewes, two dairy goats, three breeding rabbits, multiple barn cats, and two dogs. My interest in becoming self sustaining, at least providing the majority of our food, started several years ago, with a small herb and vegetable garden. This idea grew to include chickens, sheep, and rabbits. My daughter and I enjoyed showing Appaloosa horses for many years but, with her departure to college and then law school, my focus changed. I needed something to eat my pasture, other than the pull behind deck mower. Sheep were the logical choice. The fence gradually was reconfigured to accommodate smaller animals. The next addition were two dairy goats, Ruthie and Sweet Pea. Lisa taught me to make wonderful soft goat cheese. Chickens for meat and eggs were added. There is nothing quite like ordering and receiving chicks through the mail. Meat rabbits were added to round put the menagerie. Did I mention Bob has a degree in Animal Husbandry from Michigan State University? He also spent several years living on a commune in northern Michigan. A definite bonus. My Uncle Alec and Uncle Mac have agreed to provide additional information regarding my family history and the renovation of the barn. In the following days I'll be writing about the care, menu, weeding, planting, etc. of the project. Live well! Carmen

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Beginning

Home Grown to Wedding Table will be a day to day journal of the growth and preparation of all the ingredients needed to provide a reception dinner for my daughter Katelyn's wedding on September 15, 2012. From lamb, chicken, vegetables and cheese, to herbs and flowers. Katelyn made this request last spring when she became engaged. Katelyn is the eighth generation to live on this property. She wanted to come home, be married in the small Methodist church she grew up in, have her reception in my uncle's newly restored barn, and have the dinner be from the farm. More information about the history of this property, the people helping me make this happen, plantings, recipes, caterers, canning, freezing, picking....yeah,....will be forthcoming. A special thank you to Becky, Bob's niece. She suggested I start a journal, recording the preparation and progress of this project. It gives me a chance to express my thoughts and perhaps, reflect on the daily activities of the farm. Carmen