Whispering Pond Farm

Whispering Pond Farm

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Potatoes and Salad Greens

Bob dug the remaining potatoes yesterday and stored them in the empty stall in the barn. They will cure in the dark, warm barn for several days and then be moved to the root cellar. The crop is huge and the potatoes look great. We ate a couple that had been missed ad subsequently run over with the rototiller for breakfast yesterday..delicious! After the potato plants were pulled I weeded and rototilled the rows, prepping for planting salad greens. Bob put down organic fertilizer along the rows. The rows were marked, staked, and planted with mixed greens, arugula, spinach, butter crunch lettuce, and kale. I must say, this area of the garden looks great! Weed free...amazing for this time of year. I'll have to get a picture for posterity!

CeeLo Green, Cuban Cock Fighter

Bob found a picture of a chicken that looks like CeeLo in his book about Cuba. The chicken in the book was a champion cock fighter. CeeLo will never be a cock fighter but, Bob thinks the title will give him stature amongst the other chickens. For now, he continues to roost in the spare stall at night, and follow the lambs around during the day. eating bugs and enjoying the protection afforded by the lambs. We haven't broken it to him yet that his new found friends will be heading to the market soon. Better to let him think that he is a cock fighting chicken for now.


Bug remained droopy after his dehorning until yesterday. I finally caved in and gave him his own grain bin. Violet was pushing he and Dahlia out of the way at feeding time. Their heads are still tender from the dehorning and they can't push their way in to get their share of the grain. I was also concerned that Violet would make herself sick eating too much grain. Violet, who usually gets shoved aside, is enjoying the turned tables, shoving the others put of the way without difficulty.

Season of the Tomato Worm

It is the season of the tomato worm. We are picking and squishing tomato worms everyday. They are disgusting, fat, green worms that squirt green juice when you step on them. They also cling to the tomato plant and then your fingers when plucked from the plant. I have resorted to wearing gloves when picking the worms off the plants. That way, if they curl around your fingers, you can't feel their small legs grasping your skin. I do derive great satisfaction from stepping on them. Green juice squirts like a stream of water from a hose! Ha! Take that you, you...sorry, I got carried away. At any rate, I think we are keeping ahead of them. The plants are large and lush with fruit. Carry on worm crushing troops...continue the good fight...the thrill of the hunt. Accept nothing less than complete annihilation. Geez...