Whispering Pond Farm

Whispering Pond Farm

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Katelyn's Visit, Memorial Day

Katelyn visited for New Jersey for the holiday weekend. We worked on wedding plans, logistics mainly. We were fairly successful. The garden is now finally planted and replanted. The weather remained warm, to the point of being too dry. I became a gardener at that point and watered everything. The grass across the road, planted for the wedding tent sprouted. Evidently, part of that area will have to be replanted. Uncle Alec is having the basement of the barn cemented and the trucks will be driving over that corner of the lawn. The strawberries and raspberries need a good weeding, with both gardens requiring roto-tilling. My flower beds around the house are in dismal shape, maybe this weekend order will return. Bob and I are going to try Camembert cheese this weekend. We've made twenty five pounds of Chevre, plenty for now. The goat kids need their final vaccinations and worm medicine this week. I'll pick that up at the Tractor Supply when I go to the feed store tonight for chick feed. I also, want to investigate wine chillers. The hard cheese we want to make needs to age at 56 degrees, too warm for a regular refrigerator. Oh, I need to select carpet for the family room and gazebo. A garden shed would be nice....Carmen

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