Whispering Pond Farm

Whispering Pond Farm

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lucy, April 27

Lucy died today. She was a gentle soul, dying the way she lived, quietly and without pretense. Lucy was one of the first ewes Bob and I purchased. She was four. Bob and I weaned her babies along with Pinky's twins on Wednesday the 25th. Lucy looked thin and seemed droopy, moving more slowly, the last to the grain and hay. We thought it would be good for her to take the lambs off, let her rest, catch back up. She remained in the far pasture Thursday afternoon, not coming to the fence for feed. I did the chores, grain for everyone, milked the goats, filled water tanks, collected eggs. She remained in the far pasture. I walked out and sat with her while the far water tank was filling. Not seeming in distress; eyes clear, nose without discharge, no diarrhea, normal respiratory rate. Just watching. Thinking she would be more comfortable I left she and Pinky outside for the night. Bob did bring her in the barn this afternoon. He gave her grain, hay, and water, and called the vet. They thought maybe a neurological wasting disease. Paul Shetterly didn't know either. Try some antibiotics. Okay, antibiotics. I sat with her again in the stall. Eyes clear, deep brown, knowing what I didn't. Bob and I brought the antibiotics to the barn after dinner. She wouldn't need them. Peacefully on her side, grain and hay untouched. Carmen

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